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A ps2 or other console is a good way to get a regular membership going, people can get over their aversion to gamer nerds if there are a few games of tekken going on. Just stick the DnD players in a different room.
Dunno about you, but I’ve been in societies were nerds AND cool dudes actually mixed (nerds would be on the PC, cool dudes would watch demos on the Amiga… that was back in 94) and I would rather be part of one where it happens. I hate all that intolerance bullshit (not from you, eh, I mean in general). It’s OK in American teenage movies, but if we can keep it out of here, I’d rather. Thanks.

Still, if we could keep the computer/console guys separate from the proper gamers, that would be nice.

I can definately provide large stacks of old mtg cards too if you want to subject people to that nastiness :)[/quote:a38efb04f0]
Oh I got those, no worries.
And Legend of the Five Rings, and Pirates of the Spanish Main, and Mechwarrior (the new one with the Clix system) and I honestly don’t know how many roleplaying books (GURPS Discworld, GURPS Transhuman Space, tons of World of Darkness…)
oh and Munchkin, Citadels.
And that’s just the ones I own and have here with me… :P