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Also with every major developer busting a gut to get into web games dev, the age of Facebook and FarmVille etc is it really fair to say that a online games developer is not a proper development house any more?

Go on Galway! :)[/quote:b46cb1d998]

I dont think anyone is saying its not proper development, its just not console development i.e. AAA/AA which i think is what most ppls aspirations are on this site. If it wasent they’d all be making facebook games in their spare time. Instead they are asking about the best course/route to take to get into a development house to make the next Splinter Cell/Call of Duty/Need For Speed etc.

But it is good that EA have a presence in Ireland, perhaps another big publisher might decide to jump in fully and start full development. Although I think it would be really hard to get a publisher to move to anywhere but Dublin:( Simply because 90% of your initial staff for about the first 2/3 years will be foreigners (most likely from across the water UK/France or maybe even ppl from Canada/USA) and its hard to sell them on anywhere but a big city with good international airport access and a city structure similar to what they are used to. Only problem with Dublin is the ludacris prices which in turn require much higher salaries.. Its a tough one.