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ah the age old battle continues.

i agree as usual with Dave there! Less of the create “a jack of all traders, expert of none” and more of a focus on one area and prep the student really well for it.

also coders dont really need to know art packages unless their writing exports (so they’ll be working on tools). Game programmers dont need to know the in’s and outs of studio max. Similarly artist dont need to know what happens to their model when its exported and draw using primitives etc.

I used to think game courses were a good idea, but now im beginning to think. student should do a general cs degree then take a few games relevant models in final two years. when ( A ) they know enough of programming language so they no longer struggle with the language and (B) they have an appreciation for the fundamentals they’re using in terms of hardware, maths etc…

Seems pointless that a student should be learning opengl or directx or animations if they cant get a hello world, simple maths functions working. The previous stuff is hard even for seasoned programmers so its gotta be shit hard for beginners. Reckon games shouldnt be mentioned for at least 2 years in a course, unless its in passing( incidently this data structure , a linked list is handy for game objects in a game ).

ah thats my 2 cents..