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Wow, I’m glad to read stuff I’ve kept bloody saying for years about game programming to all my lecturers… but it would seem unless you are from the industry, they don’t listen (because common sense, as far as I can tell, isn’t as common as I was led to believe).

Anyway, in a week or two I’ll be done with the hard bits here (after that it’s just exams), so I’ll be sure to post my experience of the PGDip in Letterkenny, if anybody wants it? (I’m asking, cos it would seem nobody here at LYIT gives a toss about our real opinion)

I’m worried that despite the constant feedback we (as in, we the students) have been giving, things will stay as they have been so far. One would hope that the staff will listen to the obvious problems of this course (one being, having lecturers who know what they talk about) but despite the apparent good will, nobody seems to change very quickly in here.
I’m mostly worried that if they don’t show an obvious will to improve the course (in its content as much as in the quality of the lecturing), word of mouth will work its black magic and make people give up on LYIT before the course has a chance to find its feet, so to speak.

Certainly, there is room for improvement :roll: