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Why would they learn all these games programming techniques for a couple of years and then leave and go teach entry level people with the salaries lecturers get?[/quote:c401a4b9c9]
As has been said above the pay for lectures is rather good but also never underestimate the attraction of about 5 months holiday per year. :D

Also to touch back on Omens point regarding hardware/software training in college. I think this area is massivly overlooked even in many CS courses today, including our own. Even something as simple as IDE usage is ignored. We’re told “The tools are on the lab machines, use them” when we get to the end of second year. However up until then most people used Notepad/Editplus and a command line compiler for their coding and now they are given this IDE which they have to get to grips with themselves on top of all their other course work. Its not really the best idea in all fairness.

On a hardware level, well this is yet another area which for the most part is completely ignored. It’s touched upon briefly in modules such as Operating Systems and Architecture however because it is only a semester long module it is largly ignored by most students after the exams and then promptly forgotten. Again, not really the best idea imho. :?