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Welcome to college. It’s tough. Saying that 15-20 people drop out really improves my respect for the course. It says that it is being run to deliver quality people to the industry. Making games is tough. Its one of the most technically challenging disciplines there is. From the sounds of it, if you can hack the course, then you will get a respectable degree. Too many courses do their damnedest to hold on to people because they are worth money. If LYIT aren’t, much respect to them. [/quote:9ba08eeffc]

Making games is just about the most challenging thing you can do on a computer – aside from predicting the future or simulating fluid dynamics or somesuch (though that’s not too far off being incorporated into games itself – look at Mercury on PSP). It was never going to be easy. I have no problem with a course that is uncompromising with that fact, in terms of difficulty.
And sure enough, between the start of 1st year and the end of 2nd, we’ve lost about 15 people (with replacements, and replacement-replacements keeping the numbers even.), most of whom simply couldn’t hack it, or had other illusions about the course.

My current beef is simply that the course is losing it’s precision in some areas and in others, cramming more content than is humanly possible to learn into relatively short spaces of time. I’m looking forward to next year now, as I feel I can make the most of this potential I feel in me (though it could be that cheese sandwich I ate this morning).