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I think myself its a big ask for students coming out of their leaving cert to do a games degree. At that point, It definetly seems like a course that would be interesting and rewarding if you love playing games. If the course in Carlow had been around in 2001 i would have done it. And i tell you im so glad it wasnt around cos i wouldnt have lasted in it.

When you get in you realise theres much more than you think to making games. I did a network card game in Java for my final year project. It was a simple concept but i found it very difficult and i had a shit hard time of it. Look at the drop out rate in normal comp science courses. In first year in UL something like 60 out of 200 people dropped out and we were only learning computer science basics like how to program in C and maths etc.. You really need to know exactly what you are getting into before you do one of these gaming degrees. Firstly id say they are one of the most difficult degrees you could do. Secondly, will you end up working in business computer programming anyway because gaming jobs in Ireland are scarce at the moment. It is getting bigger here but chances are is that youll have to be willing to work in the UK for 5 – 10 years.

I did a straightforward comp science degree and i have the option now of doing a pg/dip masters some time in the future when im ready to move to the UK. For now im happy out doing some games programming in my spare time, and enjoying playing games.

My advice to any leaving certs is this, do as peter_b says and forget about games for 4 years and do a normal comp science degree. If you get a chance and feel your able, do any games related modules or projects while your there. Then if you still want to get into games programming when you graduate, then learn it yourself and make a demo or do a masters and make a demo…

As for anyone in one of these courses. Maybe if you are finding it really difficult pass your exams anyway and transfer to 2nd year in a general comp sci degree in another college.