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right, I was keeping quiet and all, cos I know my opinion is rather harsh, but this is why I am appaled at the course:

From my exam in “Game Technology and Entrepreneurship”

Question 2
a) Demonstrate the use of cloning within a game engine. How can this utility assist greymapping? (7 marks)
b) Describe how to create a new material using a concrete for diffuse, concrete for specular and a material B for normal. (6 marks)
c) Describe the following material used within instinct. Breakdown the following line of code into its consituent parts.
(4 marks)
d) Write an animated series material to count from one to ten. (8 marks)
I was gonna comment at length on those actual questions, but I think it speaks for itself. Oh yes, I assure I didn’t make any mistake when quoting, it’s written like that, word for word.
You make your opinion.

My favourite is that one, though:

Question 3

d) Describe a scene which requires multiple particle systems. (5 marks)
I shit you not…

Just for those who ain’t following, this is a Post Graduate Diploma level exam. For a moment there I thought it was English 101: “Use the words ‘smoke’, ‘fire’ and ‘rain’ in a sentence. Extra marks will be earned for the correct use of a passive form verb and an adjective”.


I could actually find excuses for the man, but … yeah right.