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well, I was hoping that we would be doing BSP and things like that that are actually interesting, but given that most 4th year in here don’t know what a tree is… so we spent the first 6 months of this course (in the Game Programming subject) studying STL. A useful skill, but which should have been taught years ago, not in freakin Post Grad!

You are quite right. I happen to have been “the first wave” quite a number of times in my educational life (my Leaving Cert being the most hilarious example of that).
But what I was trying to show is that there is a chasm between and easy exam and questions that are… how can I put this delicately… an illustration of the lecturer’s understanding of the subject he is teaching us (or the lack thereof, in this particular case).
In sharp contrast, the other half of the exam actually sounded like it had been written by a lecturer.
Yes, I’m being harsh. But I find it hard to swallow being taught by somebody whose extent of the subject is a short series of tutorials, which I could have received directly myself, rather than get the filtered down version by someone who don’t seem to have understood any of it…

ooooh, I’m getting all excited about this again. You’ll have to forgive me if I give a version of things that sound a bit biased. It’s not ALL that desperate, but the point is that things like that happen, and they shouldn’t. And the way things look, they don’t want to hear about problems like that because “oh no! It’s too personal, you can’t attack the lecturers!”.
yeah right. If a doctor was fucking up all his operations because he was incompetent, I strongly doubt he would be left on the roll for years. But here, hey, no problem, it’s only students, right?