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I reckon philippe_j you should just go make some demos and try get a job in the industry because you appear to know more about games than your lecturers so why waste your time.

But cut the course some frickin slack, all starter courses are like that. Tutorials which over the following years get expanded and more in depth as the lecturer gets used to the subject. You have to remember you cant expect the lecturer to instantly know everything about games and then write in 1 go the best notes and assignments (trial and error accomplishes this).

Look at any college subject and look at the past papers for the subject for the first few year. most of the exams will read like questions ripped straight from the textbook or a tutorial etc. but over the years you’ll notice the questions got tricker and more in depth.

As for BSP’s there done in most 2nd year data structure courses. if you know about avl trees and bst trees etc, bsp isnt much harder. Get out a book you can learn them in a night.

As for learning STL in college, most people dont learn it in college at all. Your expect that if you know programming and you have the fundamentals of data structures you should be able to look at the api and just use it when you need to use it. You surely dont expect classes in how to declare a vector or a stl linked list ??? Thats just hand holding now.
In fact to use STL you probably dont even need to know about data structures ( the clever working of the code anyway), just that v.push_back(x) puts x on the end of a vector blah..

Seems to me if you dont like the course quit bitching about it and go do a post-grad else where or do a degree in cs or something ( sorry but i dont know what your current qualifications are). Cause bitch on here aint gonna change the couse..

my 2cents :P