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Just to let ye all know i will get around to replying to everything ye have said im just rigt now in the middle of study and my first exam starts in about 2 hours. But i want to point out that im really glad i raised this argument because look at the amount of feed back ive got. Any one interested in doing a course like this will now know a games course is no way easy. Its hilarious that so many of my friends thought that when i said i was doing a computer games course it would be so easy. Hell no. But i know my self i didnt come into the course thinking it would be easy i hoped id be able to pick up a grasp of games programming but i couldnt and i know now its not sumfing i could do for the rest of my life. So im going to do a business course next year so i will know my stuff so i can start up my own games company with the knowledge i have gained from this year. I dont want my games company to fail because its not sumfing to take lightly, people depend on u and in general it looks bad on the industry in ireland. And again i hope ye will be here to give me advice whenever i need it.