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Thanks Squash for berating me in your first sentence, anyhoo I makes no bones about being egotisitical, it makes me proactive and why I get things done, and probably why I’m employed and you are not. True there may be less jobs going but to blame just the industry seems a bit of a copout.

Look the reason I posted this is I believe too many people go in to Dare believing it is going to get them in the industry and while it does help, these people have to realise that it doesnt matter if you’ve made a game for Dare, thats not gonna get you a job. You need to make sure your CV is perfect, your Portfolio, your Proactiveness and most importantly not giving up but adapting and changing to get the job you want, because once you give up and start making excuses you may as well not bother because your going to be doing that for the rest of your life.

Maybe that comes off as egotisitcal but here’s the cool thing about having a massive ego, you dont care.