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Nice find on that article. I read it (Green Men Gaming) and thought "Wow, this guy read my forum post, raced out, and started a business based around it."

Or maybe not.

Anyway, some of the comments on the bottom of that article are people suggesting that a "digital" product does not depreciate when it used, and therefore the digital download is the same product the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, time etc, and therefore, why would a person EVER pay the FULL price, when you can pick it up at a discounted pre-owned price.

1. On release day, there will only be FULL price versions – consumers will have to way a day, a week, a month before "pre-owned" versions come online.

2. Or the vendor stipulates an amount of time before MW2 can be re-sold / traded-in.

3. My super-cool idea (IMO – of course), where the first primary consumer’s version comes with a shiny +3 Vorpal Sword. The second, third and subsequent buyers don’t get this (or don’t get an item as powerful as this – Agreed this is game-specific).

Just some thoughts.

EDIT: Relevant Irish consumer reading: http://www.consumerassociation.ie/rights_knowrights.html