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Hi guys,

I will have a look at that book.

I see a RTT game being marginally easier than a RTS game because there’s no involvement of the building. Additionally, the content side of things interests me a lot more than anything else. Myth II, for example, gets a lot of replay in this fact alone.

Actually I’m more interested in figuring out the man-months involved and then starting up something which may turn into a game studio. I say this because a meeting this morning brought together four local games companies to network and collaborate. This is just after one of my client companies presented at the ITLG event in Stanford this week – there’s hunger out there for new and shiny!

In our startup incubator, we’re taking on placement students and hoping we can give them challenging work – maybe in this incarnation, or the next – there will be a games element.

Building games fascinates me – so it’s worth chasing.