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"There aren’t enough skilled graduates."
Often translates to:
"We can’t get the skilled graduates as cheaply as we want them."

Its simple supply and demand.

So, when a company complains about one, its very hard to be sure they aren’t complaining about the other.

Not speaking about any particular company, but the games industry believes it has a right to highly skilled graduates that will kill themselves working, and for less pay than they’d get elsewhere.

People aren’t stupid. If there are well paid jobs and good careers in an area, people will eventually gravitate towards them. Maybe the perception was that a career in finance or law or real estate was a better bet than tech/science in Ireland. It probably was, at least for a while, and you can’t really blame the schools or colleges (and their union overlords (???)) for that.

Ireland could certainly do a better job at educating people, and encouraging them into maths, science, etc. There are problems that need to be addressed and some of the points raised about graduate quality are fair.

But I’m not sure that slating the quality of graduates available in this country in the press is a particularly constructive way to deal with the situation.

Talking about the interesting and wonderful jobs available, with the competitive international salaries they have, and the lack of suitably applicants, might have a better effect.
Because the jobs and interesting and wonderful, with great salaries – right?