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Yep great video, a rousing call to arms. Still takes balls though, and not just one set and there’s the problem.

If the plan is to make something that stands out on all fronts and not be toiling away unpaid for years you need a team. Unless you have some funding to outsource you need people so committed to the game vision (Or really need something on their C.V.) that they will work for free.

Lining up 4 people at the same time willing to devote significant unpaid time to something (exclusively or not) and promising to see it through is the super hard part actually making a game is comparatively easy. Bottom line it seems many people have commitments and like expensive pants.

If there are people serious about getting a project going I think we should amend the profile section here to say if people would consider working on a project for free or a reduced rate. Also perhaps a community projects section would be good describing what the project is (game design doc) and what areas people are needed in (though I think previously it was indicated external sites were preferred for that sort of thing).