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I must admit that I do like visiting this site, I’m not sure why, maybe its sentimental reasons, but to be honest, I’m never really expecting to find anything exciting here anymore.
There was a period where there was the possibility of a company relocating to Ireland, but it hasn’t happened, and I really can’t see it happening without there being at least one successful home-grown company.
But alas, we don’t hear from any of the movers-and-shakers here any more. There was talk of big personal projects people were working on, but they seem to have dried up, or moved on. We had discussions involving some of the pre-eminent development and university people in the country, again, those seem to have moved on.
Is the problem that people have grown weary here and found better pastures, are move poeple looking abroad and given up on keeping an eye on Ireland?
I’m living in the UK and to be honest, can’t see myself moving back to Ireland any time soon, but I still like to see what’s happening there and if there was anything I could help / advise people about, that’s why I continue to check in here.