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I says a lot about either my memory or how long it’s been since I contributed to the site that I have to reset my password to make this post :shock:

There are some great points listed in the above posts (hopefully I will not repeat what was already said…)

I think the first thing that all of us here must realise is that if we want and expect more we must all be willing to give more. I say this with myself in mind, there are plenty of you seniors guys here that are a great source of information and support to the newer ones of us. As for the admins (I am not sure of the complete list so I will not attempt listing them in case I miss someone), I think that their service is often forgotten.

I think that there is a tendency, where voluntary work is involved, of forgetting that the various changes that we may be asking for (valid or not) take only a moment to suggest but a lot longer to flesh out and implement. I know that my involvement to date has been reading posts and replying to others (the odd time), so I am speaking after considering my own involvement and am only too aware that there are those here that give a lot more than I do.

Like one of you guys mentioned above I think that we all need to see what we have to offer and then contribute where possible to keep the site and organisation growing and improving. I suppose the time that it would take to manage and coordinate this is something that make it difficult to do.

I know that this is just another contribution to the list of ideas (even though I was saying that we all need to do more than just make suggestions :wink: ). I suppose that what many of us might need is someone to start the ball rolling and point us in the right direction. I think that it was mentioned but the idea of getting local chapters (especially in the various colleges) up and running feeding into the larger organisation seems like a good one. I am sure that there are probably active game development clubs in some colleges. If this is the case perhaps visibility and collaboration at this level is a problem. If we could share and collaborate at this smaller level while feeding into the higher level of the organisation.

I better get back to work…