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you mean the day they do it again, right? Red Faction still has the best breaking glass I can remember. And you could dig through walls.
I wish there was some paper on how they did that, actually…[/quote:2ca8d7115d]
GeoMod? I would have thought that stuff would be common knowledge by now. :?

Oh and speaking of Indiana Jones, I just noticed this in a press release from LucasArts

Indiana Jones 2007 also features completely interactive Hot Set environments, where every setting is open-ended and completely destructible in a way that only next-generation consoles can deliver.[/quote:2ca8d7115d]

From that I gather its going to be console only, what utter rubbish. :evil:

Then again the last time they pulled this was with a game called Obi Wan and we all know how that one turned out…