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I was at the open day for this yesterday, and I have to say the place seemed quite impressive Im looking at the part time course cuse soon ile be living in dublin city. its 3grand though which Is less expensive but still expensive.

I did the 2 year games course in Ballyfermot afew years back and got noting from it to be quite honest, which makes me cautious about taking on this course for such a price… especially in the current times were living in.

I was however speaking to some of the people involved in the course and sat an informal interview for a course place. some were involved with the lego games that have been released eg indiana jones, star wars, batman. so they had credentialls to them which were appealing to me…. just cuse they had experience obviously.

Alot of the stuff they list on the course brief in mentioned also in the ballyfermot brief for both ludo and dmh or cghnd as it was called when I was there….3d model animation and rigging was supposed to be done in bcfe… we never even touched it when I got into the course! . So last thing I want is a repeat of this especially after shelling out 3 grand for it instead of 360 or whatever it is in bcfe.

Pulse also say they teach z-brush and mudbox which is a plus like I think these are GREAT tools and I dabble in them myself but would love to know how to do such things as mappping a high poly mesh map onto a low poly. this stuff is industry standard now for gods sake. whats the point in me having a great looking high poly mesh if I cant use it like.?

Anyways… afew other things about pulse.. the part time games course is tuesdays and thursdays from 6:30pm to 9pm with a continuous assesment layout instead of end of year exams it runs from march 9th till december (32 weeks) Id love some other peoples input into this as im undecided if i should take the plunge cuse Ive a fulltime job (NO NOT IN GAME….. i should be so lucky all i want is a modelling gig and id be delighted) and moving preety soon to the city so im in a very 50 50 place especially after doing a previous 2 year course in games. which was also a fetac level 5 but the guys at pulse seem to be more connected with industry contacts then say ballyfermot.. we were waitng for 2 years and still didnt get the engine they promised us at the start of first year.

Im not slating or ripping on ballyfermot college id great times and enjoyment there but at the open day in pulse the equipment was all up to scratch and the place was really well maintained eg audio labs green screen labs i think 2 or 3 recording studios and a mac and pc lab. they record u2’s music and all there its called temple lane recording studio.