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Apologies for late reply, got caught up sorting out my next life move. Similar to many students just finishing or considering going back to college.

Thank you once again for the answers, responses and advice.

At the time of the post I had to decide between multiple different options which the acquirement of employment in the industry would have surely quashed.

The options were; – take a year out and work on game projects and portfolio
– go back to college and do a taught program for a
different discipline
– work on the cruise ships as a fitness instructor
– start my own business
– get my doctorate

Using the advice given here and additional research that has been done I decided to go for the doctorate route. May as well advance my education while I have the funding.

Thank you once again for advice. Any further opinions or suggestions regarding are still wanted and I will continue checking it.

Thank you. :wink:

P.S. —–***************

Aphra, since you are a lecturer would consider looking over a research proposal once it is complete?

Thanks in advance for reading this.