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Yeah.. as of a few months ill be here 2 years now. Working in QA…

Theres about 15 of us here with 10 of that being artists /programmers … As for Dogfighter it is finally entering the final stages and we are beginning to look at the next project, looking quite nice but for sure we will be working very hard in the next few months to make sure we’re happy with it when it goes out the door. We should really update our site and put up some new promotional material.

As for release dates/platforms etc etc and such, I am but a lowly peon and can’t give any specifics, but I think despite everything people should be happy with it.

We’ve had really bad luck I feel with hiring so far, we’ve had people over from as far as Japan but big studios always gobble them up :). So thats why its been advertised for some months.

@Omen sorry to derail your topic somewhat.