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What year did you do CGHND in? I did the same course myself and we covered, rigging, modelling, texturing and animation etc. The main thing I can say about Ballyfermot is that it is a DESIGN course, so there is not the focus on art work or art techniques. I’ve still modelled and animated characters while there, and it has proven to be a useful skill for me in the industry, but art is definitely not a core focus for a design course or any one looking to enter the industry as a designer. By and large I found Ballyfermot prepared me quite well for working as a designer, but there is not a hope in hell of me ever getting an art gig.

As for industry contacts from pretty much any course in Ireland, it’s a tall order. In my experience just trying to get companies to consider visiting an open day in Ireland is an EPIC challenge. It’s too much hassle, so if you’re thinking of doing the pulse course mainly for those make sure you get all the info up front and that everything is rock solid. I left Ireland and did an MA in the UK primarily because it was the best way for me to make industry contacts.