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Havent been on in awhile. @john monkey. I was in it in i think 2004 to 2006 it was when the course was initially started and I was in the introductory years of the course in ballyfermot.

I decided to take the plunge and do the course in pulse recording for the games course albeit just part time it should be preety interesting.
Only thing i hope and want to get from it is alittle more insight in 3D programmes such as zbrush / mudbox and what not which ive being kinda tutoring myself on in the past few months.

Im nuts into 3d and even since I started using it years ago just making basic random stuff and then being overly ambitious making charecters, enviornments, cars and god knows what else.

I think i just find that, seeing the actual result being literally made in real time from your own imagination to on screen in a matter of hours and being able to change it and have so many uses for it like making it playable as a game medium. or have it in a cg movie or mixed with real actors and that is appealing on so many levels. It’s just a shame its kept kinda hidden away for only a select few people to know about really.