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I think it needs to be judged on two levels – as an artistic achievement and as a technical and logisitcal one. I think it fails a bit on the first but obviously succeeds on the technical and logistical side of things imo.

You know I tried to like it but I had to start skipping forward bits after about 5 minutes.

I really didn’t like the characters or the voices and I got bored with the the ‘story’. I am from a generation with a low attention span so 5 minutes was a miracle for me. It might have been better to have something with a bit more razzmatazz\humour or story…you know to entertain rather than ‘oh look aren’t we clever – we made an open source movie’.

I mean if they were going to put so much effort into making it, why not get a decent short story or [off the top of my head] do a take on Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ or a twisted version of some childrens classic…ala American McGee’s Alice.

Yes I am being harsh but I didn’t like it as a film is all I am saying….

bleh, sorry :roll: