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I’d second the notion that you should get familiar with http://apps.ie and the best way to do that is to make your way to XCake – http://x-cake.ning.com if you’re doing iPhone and/or iPad development. Lots of local free support and lots of great folk (and I should know, I started it :))

Later this month we’re holding a games related event in Belfast – you need to show up to these sorts of things and see who you can talk to :)

So YES. FORMING AN ALLIANCE is a good thing. This is a step towards eventually having an indigenous publisher. We use Digital Circle and X-Cake to create informal alliances between companies. It’s not unethical – it’s a recognised way to improve your chances of survival.

Also – in April, Digital Circle with support from InvestNI and IntertradeIreland are running DevDays in Dublin and Belfast and will be repeating it in Cork and Derry in May. Last year it was all about iPhone. This year it will be much wider in remit.

I’d be hesitant in promising any other market than iPhone at the moment. There just isn’t the real buzz on anything else and worse – even on the platforms which are doing quite well (Android), there’s a huge issue with fragmentation of hardware compounded with the fact that the percentage of paying customers on Android is much lower than on iPhone. Make your name on iPhone with help from GD.ie, XCake and other groups.

If you get the chance, talk to Fred Herrera at IADT in Dun Laoghaire. He has some amazing ideas on how to move forward in this as well as potential funding. Also talk to Evert Bopp (Tipp) as he’s involved with the Inventorium at the NDRC. http://www.ndrc.ie/projects/inventorium/ Also check out their Launch Pad: http://www.ndrc.ie/projects/entrepreneurial-internships/