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I’d like to think that the reason we’re all having trouble is the "minimum experience" hurdle that most jobs are offering. [/quote:a6bb140b94]
There is no "minimum experience" requirement on entry level jobs, only on positions for experienced developers. If you are applying for posts that are advertised with a minimum experience requirement then you are applying for the wrong positions.

Experienced developers are hard to find so developers must advertise to attract them. Entry level staff are easy to find so developers don’t need to advertise. This is why all advertised positions require experience – it doesn’t mean ALL positions require experience. To get an entry level job you would need to contact developers directly (phone is best) to ask if they have any entry level positions. Then send your resume and portfolio.

As to your original question – would it be ok to team up with other developers? Yes sure. I have done mentoring for start-up developers coming out of Teeside University and several of the companies gained experience working on projects with established local developers.