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i just not convinced that the market is ready for either HD-DVD or Blu-ray. There was a huge difference between the vhs and dvd, thats why people up graded it, but unless you have a HD TV which most people have not in europe (i don’t know anyone with a HD tv, but I know 3-4 xbox 360 owners), and its going to be a good couple of year be fore a good % of the market does, why get HD-DVD or Blu-ray if it is no difference to you.

the timeing for the PS2/DVD was perfect, but i think its just a little bit early for a next gen of DVD just yet.

I don’t think that HD-DVD/Blu-ray will really come an issue untill another 2-3 years down the line.

Sony throws party for Vaios, fakes Blu-ray demo

Who’d you think you were fooling, Sony? You go throw some big huge party celebrating the 10 year birthday of the Vaio and the launch of the Vaio UX Micro PC and your new flagship Blu-ray playing AR series 17-inch powerhouse laptop, replete with demo of early Blu-ray title House of Flying Daggers. And then you get done caught red-handed by a meddling reporter who discovered the Blu-ray playback is actually coming straight off a typical, normal old DVD+R. It’s a sham, Sony, the whole thing’s a sham! How are you gonna make a case for your laptop — let alone Blu-ray as a format — now that you tried to pawn off a DVD as a Blu-ray tech demo to a room full of industry professionals? We hope at least it was playing back a high def trailer, or something; now go to your room, you’re gonna have some serious alone time, little mister.[/quote:664fb06178]

if sony thinks they can pan of a DVD-r as Blu-ray, can there really be much of a difference? (could you imagine doing the same with a VHS and DVD)