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Just did a quick test on my samsung galaxy s2. looks fine. I had rotation locked at first and it was stuck in portrait, which had bunch of issues. but once I enabled rotation it looked fine.

The paddle control was really jumpy, very difficult to do anything.

Also tried it on my ipad mini and it looked fine.

I couldn’t see music or FX on android device.[/quote:3f434f8f99]

Awesome, thanks for giving it a go! :D (and probably the first iPad mini tester too!)

The controls have turned out to be a real pain in the arse. A few mates tested on HTCs with no problem but anyone with a Samsung has said the paddle is jerky. Annoying.

In relation to music and FX they’re disabled on Androids because they don’t support the Web Audio API right now. Using a HTML <audio> element as a fallback has major problems too – bummer really.