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It’s a play on words, like the “pan narrans” of Terry Pratchett et al.
If you have done Latin/Biology it’s easy enough to understand. Homo Sapiens, “Man who thinks” (from “sapienta” : “wisdom”).
So he made the equivalent “Homo Ludens” from “ludo”: “to play”, which you can translate as “Man who plays” or “playing man”. I think “playful” if you are being picky (and you should in this case) is incorrect.
“player” would be constructed from “ludo” and would be “lusor” (notice the interesting play on words in English…)
Also, the second meaning of “ludo” is “to make love”.
So again, you can interpret the title on several levels…
I discovered, while checking my Latin, that there is also a verb for “playing often”… as in “gambling”, I assume.
So a hardcore gamer would be a “lusitor”, from “lusito”.

The stuff you can learn with a nice dictionary, eh? :wink:

what I was gonna ask is what the difference is between being in a “ludic state” on one side, as opposed to being more “game like”… it’s the same thing, but definition. Or I missed something?

Anyway, forgive me, I was just discussing Latin on another forum, so I just _had_ to post :twisted: