Collaboration between researchers, artists, scientists and businesses is expected over the event. Among the delegates will be Katherine Morawaki from NTRG (Networks and Telecommunications Research Group, Ireland), who will present design concepts related to fashion and technologies, emerging communication infrastructures, networks and the body.The cruiser ferry itself will host 20 installations, around 10 performances, interactive games and numerous DJ and live acts as it sails from Helsinki to Stockholm and on to Tallinn via the Åland islands. Delegates on board include:

*Kelly Dobson from MIT Media Lab USA (Machine Therapy project in the gym)
*Tuomo Tammenpaa, Finland (Float, a locative sound installation)
*Tamas Szakala, Hungary (who will turn the ship into a play-head by translating GPS coordinates, distance to islands, depth, direction and speed to a slowly developing soundscape).

Tallinn and Helsinki keynotes include Arturo Escobar (University of North Carolina, USA), Sarah Kember (Goldsmith College, UK), Joanna Berzowska (Concordia University, UK), Michel Maffesoli (Sorbonne, France), Shuddhabrata Sengupta (Sarai New Media Initiative, India), Erkki Huhtamo (UCLA, USA), Wendy Hui Kyong Chun (Brown University, USA), and Matthew Fuller (Piet Zwart Institute, the Netherlands).

ISEA2004 Cruise: August 15-17
ISEA2004 Tallinn: August 17-19
ISEA2004 Helsinki: August 19-22

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