Juice Jumpers, the new puzzle game from Little Bee Studios, has arrived and is launched today in the iTunes store.

Juice Jumpers is a match three puzzle game that turns the genre on its head, instead of sliding rows or swapping gems, you spin fruits to match them and rather than the pieces simply disappearing when you make a match, in Juice Jumpers you feed your characters with your every move.

There are three modes of fruity madness….

Classic : Perfect match three arcade experience.

Evolve : Feed, Evolve, Multiply.

JumperWare : Series of microfast lightning games to test your reflexes.

The ultimate goal here is to evolve your juice jumpers into their upgraded forms, giving them useful powers which will help you in eradicating those pesky fruit chomping worms. As you advance you will need to plan ahead and be efficient with your moves in order to defend against the wormly horde while blasting your way to blockbuster score bonuses.

There are several ways to build your score, complete bonus challenges by matching fruits in a given order, or even, by filling the board with juice jumpers of the same family, get the ultimate score bonus, the JUICEPACK.

It has taken the team two years to reach this point so help to support them by going to https://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/juice-jumpers/id555099920?ls=1&mt=8

*Download the game, its 79 cents well spent

*Rate it if you enjoy it, even if you don’t they would be super grateful for the stars

Well done all!