Lifemode Signs Distribution Agreement with Digimation and Announces New Educational License

May 12th 2005 – Lifemode Interactive, developers of leading facial animation technology, today announced a major agreement with Digimation, a leading distributor in the 3D industry, to distribute LIFESTUDIO:HEAD® in the United States. This is Lifemode’s thirteenth major worldwide reseller signing in a year and will bring the company’s facial animation technology to a large number of new users.

Digimation is renowned as a leading developer and distributor of premier 3D tools and content in the US and throughout the world and they are excited to be able to offer LifeStudio:HEAD to their customers.

Lifemode Interactive also announced that it is launching a new educational license which is a fully-functional version of LIFESTUDIO:HEAD for students, teachers, lecturers and institutions. The educational license has flexible terms and is available as an annual license or can be renewed on an ongoing basis. Lifemode recognizes the importance of the educational sector and placing its technology in the hands of new users.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD is intended for games, multimedia products, animated movies, broadcast graphics, business presentations, education and training programs and an assortment of character-based web projects. The software contains an impressive set of features supported by the original Macro-Muscles technology. These include easy modeling, realistic texturing, automated lip-synch and many other powerful facial animation features. A free demo of the software is available at

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD® 2.6 is available in three versions: Editor Package, Artist Package, and a full Pro Package and available for shipment from Digimation. For price inquiries, please contact: Tel: +1 504 468-3372, email:, or visit

The Lifemode team will be attending the 2005 E3 conference and encourages those interested in character and facial animation to view a demo and speak to company representatives. Please contact Natalie Polikarpova for more information.

About Digimation:
Now in its thirteenth year, Digimation is the world’s leading developer and publisher of plug-ins and software which compliment today’s leading 3D applications. Digimation also publishes the world’s largest library of premier 3D digital content and provides custom content solutions to customers in entertainment, advertising, visual simulation, computer-based training and corporate communications. Digimation’s 3D solutions are used to create stunning digital effects for films, television programs, advertisements, games and multimedia titles.
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About Lifemode Interactive:
Lifemode Interactive is a privately owned and independent software company incorporated in 2001 and located in Belmont, California, which specializes in the development of game-related technologies, high-end software tools and SDKs for game developers, 3D art studios and web designers. The company employs a team of twenty skilled artists, programmers and game design specialists. Lifemode has appointed thirteen worldwide distributors for its software products. Recent projects include Russia’s best strategy game of 2003 JoWood/Nival, Interactive’s “Silent Storm” and FireFly Studios’ “Stronghold 2” released in April 2005 and published by 2K Games, a publishing label of Take2 Interactive.
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Press: Alexandra Selezneva
Marketing and Sales: Natalie Polikarpova