Okay so this is not exactly in Ireland, but just in case you are in the area…



The world’s first XX Game Jam, a pioneering all-women event in association with Ada Lovelace Day will take place in London on 26/27th October as part of London Games Festival. Registration is now live here: http://xxgamejam.eventbrite.com/

A game jam is a gathering of developers, artists, and other creatives to make games in a very short space of time, usually 24 or 48 hours. The event will run from 6.30pm on Friday 26 October until 11pm, and then from 9am until 6.30pm on Saturday 27 October. Food and refreshments will be provided on both days. The theme for the games will be revealed on the Friday evening.

Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, is a modern figurehead for women in technology. We think it’s time to inspire a new generation of girls to get into coding and help women already in tech to become and discover new role models. Ada Lovelace Day Live! is also open for registration here;http://www.wes.org.uk/content/ada-lovelace-day-live-featuring-wes-karen-burt-award-0

We’re looking for programmers, producers, artists, designers, sound designers and composers, and you can apply whether you have direct experience in the games industry or not.

Men are welcome to support the event and attend the games showcase and prize ceremony on the Saturday evening from 6.30pm, but only women may participate.

Contact debbie@aurochdigital.com for any inquiries or if you’d like to get involved.