My name is Pascal Luban. I am a game designer with 19+ yrs of experience. I have worked on both triple-A console titles like Battlefield – Bad Company or Splinter Cell (I was their lead level designer on the multiplayer version) and mobile games.

I have compiled all my experience in an iOS/Android app called GAME DESIGN TOOLBOX

Check it out. The app is free and includes one tutorial. The other tutorials are for sale but at very, very low prices: most of them are priced between 1 and 3 $. for that price, you’ll be surprised by the quality of the content.

Tutorials cover the following areas:

– Game concept
– Game mechanics
– Level design
– Storytelling
– Tools & methods

Each category contains detailed tutorials. Chances are that you’ll find topics of interest to you.

If you want details on the content of the app, you can visit its website:
watch this Youtube movie:
or visit the App Store and Google Play.