– Les mondes virtuels font leur cinéma !

Machinima is the first genre comes from virtual worlds and video games. Following the two previous editions, the Atopic Festival is the only Machinima Film Festival in Europe.

Hybridization between GameCulture, cinema and video experience, the machinima has successfully developed its own narrative system plus an original aesthetic.

The Atopic Festival Committee will be held in late October to make its selection.

The prices evening will be on Nov. 17th at the Gaité lyrique, Paris, France. : 1st and 2nd Jury Prizes, Audience Award and Student Award.

Submitt your Machinima at Atopic Festival !

Deadline for submission Oct. 3d 2011

1. Filed the submission form and send it at

2. Load your video on or send us a link to watch it online.

the PDF can be download here :