The 2007 edition of MIGS, Canada’s largest gathering of video game creators, developers and producers (consoles, PC’s, mobile devices, online games), will feature some of the most influential creative talent in the game industry worldwide. It takes place on the 27 and 28th of November in Montreal, Canada.

Among the keynote speakers is executive video game industry consultant and visionary David Perry , a 25 year veteran of the video game business. His professional experience includes working with Hollywood directors and studios, licensing in/out, IP creation, design and programming, as well as many other facets of the business of making and selling professional video games.

He is currently working on the creation of a number of MMO games: a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMOPRG) for Acclaim called 2Moons, the first massively multiplayer dancing game called Dance, and the first community-created MMO game, with tens of thousands of developers on his team. As CEO of the video game consultancy firm GAMECONSULTANTS.COM, David represents key video game talent. He is also CEO of the new video game investment portal GAMEINVESTORS.COM and writes about the video game industry as an expert columnist for

Other confirmed speakers include:

* Ian Bogost, Founding Partner, Persuasive Games
* George Borshukov, Computer Graphics Supervisor, Electronic Arts and WW Studio
* Mike Chrzanowski, Senior Designer, Vicarious Visions
* Don Daglow, President and CEO, Stormfront Studios
* Jon Goldman, President and CEO, Foundation 9
* Clint Hocking, Creative Director, Ubisoft
* Julien Merceron, Worldwide Chief Technology Officer, Eidos
* Samuel Rivello, Director of Multimedia Development, Neopets
* Duncan Wain, President, Scope Seven

Over the course of two days, participants will have the opportunity to attend some 50 tutorials, seminars and conference sessions as well as network and chat with each other.

New in 2007: Business Lounge

This year, Alliance numériQC has created the Business Lounge, a personalized meeting management service for publishers, development studios, intellectual property owners and other industry decision makers. This restricted access area will allow professionals to enjoy refreshments and hold meetings in an environment conducive to doing business. MIGS will act as an intermediary and facilitator for game industry stakeholders who wish to benefit from the event to develop new contacts and sell their services. As such, the Business Lounge is specifically designed to respond to a need expressed by the industry.

About MIGS
MIGS was created in 2004 to serve members of the video game industry, which currently employs over 5,000 people in Quebec. The organization of MIGS draws on the support of an Advisory Committee made up of key players in the Quebec game industry (A2M, Beenox , DC- Studios, Electronic Arts, International Game Developers Association, Sarbakan, Ubisoft, Wave Generation).

For more information about MIGS, to register for the event or to sign up for the MIGS Newsletter, visit the MIGS website

Participants registering prior to October 15, 2007, benefit from reduced rates, with savings of up to 30%.