This year-long course has been designed to provide you with a well rounded introduction to the major aspects of game development, with a focus on art and design principles.

While there is an appropriate amount of theoretical content on the course, it has been designed from inception to be as
practical and hands-on as possible.

Students on this course will be instructed in the processes and techniques involved in developing a game from concept to completion, through the utilisation of industry standard game engines such as Unity 3D & UDK.

All appropriate content creation packages will be explored and exploited for the purposes of 3D Modelling, 2D Imaging and Digital Sculpting.

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates will be presented with a number of opportunities for progression. One option is to specialise in a particular discipline, and continue your studies to graduate or post-graduate level.

Others may wish to take a more direct approach, endeavoring to launch their own indie studios. Whatever your choice, career
guidance will be provided throughout the course.

Note: Also available is an introductory evening class, which results in a minor award in Games Analysis & Design.

NFQ Level 6 Major Award in Media. See

Full-time September – June

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