Those of you who were at the recent Prototype Play festival in the Project Theatre in Dublin will have had a chance to playtest this new game/theatre event created by Dan Bergin, who also works for SixMinute, an independent game design studio in Dublin.

FUSED is an immersive work of fiction, a live-video-game-experience channeled through theatre.

It opened on Dec 1st (8.15pm) in the Project Arts Centre and run till Dec 13th.

The show aims to bring back the excitement of playing classic point-and-click graphic adventure games like The Secret of Monkey Island series, Broken Sword, Grim Fandango or Telltale’s Walking Dead – games that have marked the youth of today’s 30-year-olds. The game is targeted at students, young professionals and people fascinated in new technologies or who are nostalgic for their first encounters with the digital world. Its ambition is to give the audience agency in developing the story.

It’s also an interesting example of a collaboration between a vibrant, thriving Dublin game scene and theatre scene. In this project, the creator of FUSED, Dan Bergin, and graphic designer Robert Semple, harness the experience they’ve gained through the years with SixMinute.

Tickets: Box Office, Monday – Saturday, 11am – 7pm

Tel: +353 1 8819 613 or

Tickets €15.00/12.00