Eirplay games today launched play.ie, a digital media entertainment portal. The portal features both web and mobile entertainment content for the Irish market.

Games are free to play and view and Peter Lynch, CEO of Eirplay, has offered a special discount to gd.ie readers. If you enter ‘ds’ after any order you get 50% off standard content and €2 off premium (e.g. a text order would be PLAYNOW 1001 ds )

Peter Lynch said today that “Play.ie responds to the demands in the local market for Irish themed Web and mobile content. We have new characters like Ogie, Propman and Penno; all based on Irish sports, events and news. Unlike other mobile portals, we have a strict policy of no subscriptions, registrations or clubs. This means that our visitors are only charged for what they ordered; there will be no weekly billing messages or annoying costly texts. The site will be updated each week and our aim is to provide an opportunity for Irish digital media designers, game developers and students to showcase their work.”

Play.ie was designed and developed by EirplayGames. It is hosted and maintained using the company’s proprietary mobile content portal technology.

More information:
Peter Lynch
Digital Depot
Dublin 8

Web: www.eirplaygames.com & www.play.ie