Poke the Bear has just released Chameleon Falls on Google Play.

Poke The Bear is a new Irish “Studio” based in Bray, Co. Wicklow. To date, our focus has been on developing educational content and games.

Chameleon Falls is our first casual game and its totally FREE!

Prepare to blister your thumbs and pull your hair out. Chameleon Falls will challenge your reflexes and your will.

This unique Runner game challenges you the player with obstacle negotiation on one hand and colour matching on the other.

– 9 Completely different story levels plus a beginner Introduction level.
– 4 Unlockable Randomly generated practice challenge runs, including an infinite runner.
– A store where you can top up on Coins and other Inventory, and also purchase add-ons like “Ad Removal”.


Chameleon Falls
Chameleon Falls
Developer: Poke The Bear
Price: Free+