The number of non-entertainment games under development is rapidly increasing and demand for the ideas, skills and techniques used in commercial entertainment games is at an all time high. As a result, an entirely new market has emerged.

Game developers and tool providers can tap into this new market and develop new revenue streams.

The Serious Games Summit D.C. gives game developers and program managers the opportunity to learn from successful serious games applications and forge links between the traditional videogame industry and public and private sectors; homeland security, state and local governments, military agencies, and educational institutions.

In this Serious Games Summit Update:
-Serious Games Summit D.C. Keynote Speaker – Jim Dunnigan
-Serious Games Summit D.C. Featured Sessions
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-Serious Games Summit Keynote Speaker: Jim Dunnigan

Jim Dunnigan is one of the first pioneers of serious games. In his keynote, Jim will share his vast experience and unique perspective on developing game-based simulations and models.

-Serious Games Summit Featured Sessions

-Douglas Whatley

Experiential Learning Assessment Strategies
-David Williamson Shaffer

Games as Mass Media Dialogue Devices
-Ian Bogost

Game Based Approaches to Story Based Training
-Matt Costello

Game Developer is Listed in the Yellow Pages: Finding The Right Help
-Ian Bogost

Game Models for E-learning Systems
-Doug Nelson

The Darwinian World of Game AI: The Current State of Human-Level Artificial Intelligence in Computer Simulations and War Games
-D. Ezra Sidran

Homeland Security: Uses and Opportunities for Simulations and Games
-Julia Loughran

How Can Games Shape Future Behaviors?
-Jim Gee

How Mods Really Get Built
-Tim Holt

Inside Building an Engine for Learning Games
-Tom McCormack

Into the Depths of a Major Commercial Game
-Don Daglow

Moving America’s Army from Recruitment to a Testing and Training Platform
-COL. Casey Wardynski

Things You Should Know About Serious Games But Probably Don’t: Better Collaboration by Avoiding Key Stumbling Blocks
-Jason Robar

Project Connect: From A to Z
-Ian Bogost & Ben Sawyer

Using Games: The War College Perspective
-Henry Lowood

What Happens When Games Go Into Any Classroom Situation?
-Kurt Squire

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Serious Games Summit D.C.
October 18-19, 2004
Washington, D.C.