The second shindig took place in Toners on Baggott Street, Friday 27th of June. Jab was the host and he kindly wrote this piece for us and sent me some pics. Strangely enough, he didn’t seem to remember too many names so we might get people to identify themselves in the forums…!! (Aphra)

Firstly, a big thanks to all who showed up last Friday. I think we totalled about 15 or 16 by the end of the night, which wasn’t bad considering it was a Friday. I also think Guinness should be sponsoring the next meet as I noted it’s the drink of choice for most that attended, especially Mal. Petitions please.

Nice to see a few new heads too; namely Torc and a few ex-Havoks. Also it was good that a few people, who aren’t working in the games industry but just have a love of games, came along. Some liked games a little too much… I’m looking at you Mr. “I’ve got 36 different game consoles in my spare room”.

If anyone has any ideas for discussion points for the next meeting then get them on the list so we can all come prepared. Also a few of you are looking for part-time or full time work so, if you haven’t already, get your details up on the website. It can’t hurt. And spread the word. The more we network the more we get out of it.

Thanks for your support.


PS. Come back Aphra, all is forgiven.

PPS. For Michael…
shin·dig ?? ??(sh ndg)
A festive party often with dancing. Also called shindy.