ShipitCon is a community event for engineers involved in the building and deployment of software.

ShipItCon is being organised primarily by engineers and managers working within the games industry in Ireland including Demonware and Digit Game Studios.

This is a non-profit event, organised by volunteers and any remaining funds will be donated to a local charity.

Tickets are now on sale!

Early bird registration will end on April 30th. They also offer an unwaged ticket.


Frederic Meyer

Frederic Meyer

Senior Director of Pipeline Engineering at Workday

Continuous Delivery @ Workday

Workday patches more than 1000 customers every Friday night, for the last 10 years. It takes a good code Pipeline, and a lot of automation to make this possible. I’ll cover tools, processes, challenges and ideas related to Continuous Delivery @ Workday.


Eric Maxwell

Eric Maxwell

Success Engineer at Chef Software

The Looming Complexity Crisis

Join me as I tell you the story of Jane, a rockstar developer with a great idea that could breathe new life into her company! That is, if she doesn’t table-flip trying to figure out HOW and WHERE to deploy her great idea. Cloud? PasS? Docker? Follow Jane as she descends into the fiery depths of infrastructure-complexity hell. If only a Habitat could come together to save the day…


Jacopo Scrinzi

Jacopo Scrinzi

Product Engineer at Intercom

What I wish I had known before moving to Infrastructure As Code

Not long ago, the infrastructure at Intercom was entirely handcrafted. Provisioning would mainly rely on ops, making the process painful, risky and slow. With our rapid growth, this quickly became unsustainable. To address this, we decided to investigate Infrastructure As Code using Terraform, with the end goal of giving Product Engineers the ability to safely and easily make changes to our infrastructure. In an uncharted territory with many questions and unknowns, changing the way we provision is not an easy task. This gave us the opportunity to explore different approaches and determine what Infrastructure as Code means for us. In this talk, we will cover: How we’ve set our requirements, why we picked Terraform, the challenges, mistakes and lessons learned, our vision and future plans for this ongoing project.


Eugene Kenny

Eugene Kenny

Ops Engineer at Intercom

Deep dive on how Intercom ships code to production 100 times a day

Intercom has practiced Continuous Delivery since the very early days of the company. This has meant that our engineering culture and practices have evolved around, and heavily rely upon, our build and deployment infrastructure. With the rapid growth we’ve experienced over the last few years, maintaining and improving these systems has been critical to keeping our ability to move fast and iterate quickly. This talk will cover the evolution of Intercom’s internal deployment system, Muster, as our engineering organisation has grown from 4 people hacking on a Rails app to a team of almost 100 working on multiple applications in a constellation of languages and frameworks.


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