1. You have left Ireland and gone back to Finland. Why?

We had a family tragedy that required our full attention. Life has a way of making certain decision for you, and this was one that I’d have rather avoided.

2. Where are you located now and what is the local game development scene like?

I’m back working in Helsinki. The local game development scene is pretty much similar to the one in Ireland. There are a few retail development houses: Remedy (Max Payne), Housemarque (Supreme Snowboarding) and Bugbear (FlatOut). And then we have one technology developer with Hybrid (dPVS for RenderWare). Aside from that there are maybe a handful of smaller retail upstarts and then a few oddities like myself.

3. Are you still running Mistaril? And how is Space-Station Manager doing?

I’m just a few days clear from launching the successor to the Space Station Manager project. It is called ShortHike and it is a space settlement simulation guild.

The idea is to have a membership based system where everything relating to the simulation is included as long as you pay your yearly membership fee. One service, one fee. This is a pretty unique business model in games. If you are into developing simulation games you might be interested in my longer Blog post that gives more background. You can find it at .

4. Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

No. Just focusing exclusively on ShortHike. Seems like I will have my hands full for the next ten years anyway.

5. How long were you in Ireland for and how did you find that experience?

Just about half a year. Wow, how could it be so short? I feel like I know most of you already. I must say it was one of the most enlightening experiences for me. I would recommend being an expat for anyone, and I can honestly say enjoying your hospitality was among the best time I ever had. Thanks and be sure to drop in if you are anywhere near Helsinki!