Squeazy: The Game has just been released by a group of Irish teenagers from ManorHamilton in Co. Leitrim.

If you have heard the name before that might be because you heard about them after they won the Senior Category of the National Student Enterprise Awards and they were on various national media outlets with their game based around a science demonstration called the ‘Cartesian Diver’ which was affectionately known as the Squeazy.

Now the three, Matthew, Luke and Fergus, have made an app based on their original game and it can be downloaded  for FREE on iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon Devices.




We were a bit intrigued by the group so I sent them down a few Qs. Here are their answers.

Q: What year are you in secondary school?
A: All members of Squeazy are in leaving cert in St. Clare’s Comprehensive in Manorhamilton.

Q: What are you all hoping to do after secondary school?
A: Mathew is looking at going into marketing, Luke teaching and Fergus is interested in science.

Q Who developed the App?
A: The app was developed by a 15 year old talented app developer called Jonathan White. He runs a business called Sillan Studios and he did  all the technical development of the app, whereas the other three came up with the ideas and marketing for the app.

Q:How long did the project take?
A: Development began in August 2014 and it was released on the 2nd of December.

Q: Are you still promoting and selling the physical squeazies?
A: We sell Squeazys, the toy, in Cogs the Brainshop in St. Stephens Green and also online via PayPal. Once we finish our leaving cert we plan to engage with the larger national retailers.

Q:  Where are they made?
A: All their Squeazys are handmade in our local headquarters (Mathew’s garage) and are made to comply with European Safety Standards.

Take a look at their launch trailer.


It was developed using the Unity3D game engine and the students would really appreciate the game development community in Ireland to support them and download the game.

Contact them at info@squeazy.eu