Simteractive are looking for a technical game design intern to join their team and work on Eden Isle: Resort Paradise.

They are looking for someone with an aptitude for spreadsheets, analytics, game balance and game scripting and a strong interest in developing skills in these areas. The successful candidate will work closely with the existing team and will receive hands on training.

This is a great opportunity for an aspiring technical game designer or game analyst to get games industry experience, to advance their skills, to get a credit on a mobile game, and to work alongside an experienced team.

Job Title: Technical Game Design Internship

Job Type: 4-12 month full-time internship

Location: Dublin

Salary: Expenses paid



****Carry out scripting and config file changes (e.g. change the prerequisites for when a goal triggers).

****Keep a record of changes made in each update of the game (e.g. create a flowchart showing the latest level flow for each update so we can clearly see what happens in each level and when each goal triggers).

****Prepare analytics reports in Excel (e.g. prepare a chart showing the percentage of players who drop off at each level of the game and how it compares to previous versions).

****Analyse data to identify areas that can be improved (e.g. identify any drop-offs that are larger than expected and analyse the percentage of players who completed each goal in that level).

****Propose improvements to the game based on patterns seen in the data (e.g. suggest changing the requirements for completing a goal).

****Review and play-test the game.

****Help with other game development tasks that arise.


Candidate Requirements:

****Ideally suited to a graduate or student in game design or related area, such as data analysis, with excellent academic record

****Comfortable with spreadsheets, such as Excel

****Strong analytical and numerical skills and ability to deal with large amounts of numerical data

****Solid understanding of mathematics, statistics and probability

****Excellent attention to detail

****Smart, conscientious individual who is committed and motivated to achieve high standards

****Eager to gain a wide variety of game development experience and open to feedback

****Ability to understand game balance and game systems and the impact changing variables can have on the gameplay experience

****Interest and experience in game development

****Good knowledge of current mobile games market, free-to-play monetisation and social games

****Experience with a range of software tools and ability to learn quickly e.g. Excel, OmniGraffle, Unity

****Outstanding communication skills – written, listening and presentation

****High degree of self-motivation and ability to multi-task, prioritise and manage personal workflow


To apply for the position email with a cover letter, CV, details of previous game development experience, when you would be available to start, what your most-used Excel command is and how long you an internship you would be available for.

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