Time: 08.30 – 10.30 on Thursday 15th May 2003
Place: Rooms 6 & 7, Enterprise Ireland, Merrion Hall, Strand Rd., Sandymount, Dublin 4
Speaker: Dr Mark Davis Department of Communications Engineering, DIT Kevin Street

The IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Standards:
Untangling the Spaghetti Soup!

The first is a series of breakfast events organised by Enterprise Ireland which provide a space for academics to present their research findings to industry representatives.

The IEEE 802.11 family of wireless LAN (WLAN) standards is by far the most popular and widely deployed WLAN technology today. Since the original IEEE 802.11 standard was first published in June 1997, there have been quite a number of extensions to the standard. However, somewhat confusingly all of these extensions have been designated by a letter of the alphabet, for example 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g etc. This presentation will attempt to untangle the "spaghetti soup" of IEEE 802.11 WLAN standards and will give an overview of the emerging trends, applications and the status of the WLAN industry.

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