Yesterday Torc Interactive, based in Donegal, sent in seven jobs in a range of positions. They can be found on the main jobs page and under programming from the right hand menu.

This prompted me to contact Torc to ask them what was going. As with most things in the game industry details are scarce and they could not tell us too much. But here is a reply to my questions from Tony Kelly, a producer with Torc.

"As we approach the launch of Torc’s Instinct Engine at GDC in San Francisco at the beginning of March, we’re gearing up in order to provide support to our clients on both the Varsity side of things and to our games industry clients. Simultaneously, we’re staffing up on the game development side of things in preparation for commencing work on our first full title later this year"

Sounds pretty exciting to me. We will keep you posted.

See the jobs here community/jobs/index.phpcommunity/jobs/index.php