Bernard Stolar has been invited by Enterprise Ireland to Dublin and he will present a workshop titled ‘An Insider’s Perspective on the Games Industry – and the Opportunities for Irish companies.’

Bernard Stolar has worked in all the major hardware companies in the US from Atari in the 1980s, where he was president of their Lynx division, to Sony Computer Entertainment of America where he was Executive Vice President. He moved on to Sega of America and Sega Entertainment where he was responsible for Sega’s console and PC gaming businesses in North America before joining Mattel Interactive as President of the company. He is currently a consultant to the interactive entertainment industry.

Enterprise Ireland are inviting Irish game developers to a workshop with Bernard Stolar in EI’s Sandymount office (Dublin) from 9.30-12.00pm on the 27th of June.

This workshop will examine:
1. Where he sees the industry now and where it is going
2. How the business is changing in the different platform segments
3. The role of the game’s publisher
4. How might a new game developmnt company gets its own game published and what lessons might there be for an emerging Irish industry?
5. Where should Irish games companies target their efforts

If interested in receiving an invitation contact Michael Kenna, Digital Media Department of Enterprise Ireland at mailto: